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HARO Link Building SEO Course

By Kyle Arnold Categories: SEO Courses
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About Course

Learn how to get FREE backlinks from top-tier websites. No cold outreach!

Building links to improve your websites’ rankings in Google for SEO can be a nightmare… IF you don’t know how to do it correctly.

I’m sure you would have read all the SEO blogs that say building links is critical to improving your SEO results. That is still true in 2023. What many of them fail to do is provide you with an actionable way to do this effectively.

Many link building tactics involve things such as creating skyscraper content, broken link building, pitching topics, and cold, cold outreach. Most websites that are doing anything worthwhile know the value of what a link on their site provides. You’ll most likely be ignored or directed to a PayPal link before they’ll even talk to you again.

Even worse, you may have been told vague information around creating directory listings, or Web2.0 links… If you’ve tried that, you’ll know that it simply isn’t good enough to even be on a competitive level with other businesses at the top of Google.

And then there are the marketplaces where you can buy links from websites (link farms) where their sole purpose is to be used and abused by link sellers. While they have their purpose, you can do better than that alone.

Get Links by Helping Reporters

There is an alternative to all of the above. Hundreds of journalists and reporters are seeking out information from industry experts every day. Looking for advice, statistics, insights. You can be a source, and contribute to them. In return being credited with backlinks to your website.

Not just any sites, through this method we’ve acquired links from the likes of VICE, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Cosmopolitan, New York Times, Business Insider, Healthline & many more mega brands.

In this course, I’m going to show you my process, along with everything you need to start getting backlinks consistently on some of the best websites in the world.

You could pay for someone to do this.

Many agencies offer this as a service and charge between $300-$600 USD per live link.

For the types of links you can get, this is not unreasonable. However, being able to do this yourself enables you to take the work in-house and help cut some of the costs for acquiring them.

If you are starting from ground zero, where all you have is time. You don’t have the budgets to be paying that type of money for links. Having a clear, repeatable strategy that you can do each day and start building links consistently for your brand – or affiliate website. If can really fast-track your way to the top of Google.

We’ll walk through the entire process, and you will get to see live examples of getting started and working through sending out contributions that reporters would love to use in their articles.

Who is this HARO course for?

If you are already successful with HARO, this is likely too simple for you. While there are some useful tips that come from a perspective of doing HARO for years, you will likely know the core concepts of this course.

This course is for those who are fairly new to using HARO for building links or those who want to improve their success with it. It may not be as useful for those who are already well-versed with the platform. This course can also be used as a training tool for getting others in your team up to speed with the concepts.




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What Will You Learn?

  • All about HARO and getting started building HARO Backlinks
  • Source and secure exclusive backlink opportunities
  • How to craft content that reporters WANT to use
  • Additional ways to research and find great answers

Course Content

HARO Link Building Training Course
Learn all you need to know to get started building HARO links

  • HARO What is it and how does it work
  • HARO Before Getting Started
  • HARO Benefits of Building HARO Backlinks
  • HARO Getting Set Up
  • HARO Example Pitch/Submission Walkthrough

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