Your website is a key part of your business future. If it’s not appearing in Google’s first page of search results, your online success is unlikely.

SEO training - self-directed learning

Self Directed SEO Learning

I have compiled a comprehensive guide with 10 lessons to cover the key aspects Search Engine Optimisation. Follow the guide from start to finish and you’ll be able to do SEO like a pro!

While this guide is ordered from 1 to 10, you can work through some steps out of order, and you may need to revisit some steps like the section about content again and again during the file of the website. To read more about the rationale behind these steps, visit my guide on the Google Search Algorithm.

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Each lesson directs to a specific page on Cranked SEO. The website is a culmination of over 1000+ hours of work investigating and writing about my experiments, discoveries and experiences, plus combines with some knowledge provided by some of the smartest people in the SEO industry. The site contains around 200,000 words on the topic and is complimented by my guides to some key Google tools – written from a user perspective.

SEO training seminars

SEO Training Seminars

Come to see me in person for an intensive run-down and open Q&A session on Search Engine Optimisation for Google’s current algorithm.

These seminars are free of cost, but in some cases there may be a nominal charge to cover venue costs. They are intended to be a non-profit exercise and are provided to help businesses get a contemporary introduction to leveraging Google search for their business.

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To request a presentation in your area, please feel free to get in touch.