Your website is a key part of your business future. If it’s not appearing in Google’s first page of search results, your online success is unlikely.

SEO Training by Cranked SEO is a site I created to leverage searches for SEO Training. It’s an SEO experiment to see how well (or how poorly) this strategy can still work in the modern times of Google’s highly developed RankBrain AI search engine tuning technology.  I’m taking a punt, and my bet is that this still works. If you found this website because you searched for an SEO training provider, or wanted to learn SEO online, then it’s confirmed – it does work. Do let me know if you discovered that’s the case!


meI was only introduced to SEO in 2013 but I quickly discovered that the insights I gained from my university studies of Linguistics (2002-2006) provided me with a deeper appreciation of how search algorithms work. I realise now that my interest was sparked when I studied a paper about a New Zealand language corpus – a collection of language content of both written and verbal sources from native New Zealand speakers of English. The study focused on the use of words and the way in which patterns emerged within the language that were often repeated. It showed that language use could be categorised and mapped to generate statistical data. At the time, I had no idea that search algorithms might have been doing the same thing.

In 2006 I began writing a Master’s thesis on the lexicalisation of morphologically complex words – a study of how we store words, phrases or even longer segments in our mind and can reproduce them without having to ‘construct’ them on the fly. While I believe construction does happen, I also believe that some pre-constructed content is stored as single units.

Both of these fields of study converge when considering how Artificially Intelligent systems must process language.

Since 2011, Google’s search algorithm has undergone many changes with the intended end result of being able to render relevant and desired outcomes for the user. I’m fascinated by it and excited to observe the changes being made, and search results improving all the time. Because I was also interested in Language Processing in AI, the Google algorithm has become a key area of interest for me.
It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re reading this and have engaged in other parts of my website, I hope you too can appreciate the immense complexity and marvel at where it could be headed.

I am now Google Adwords and Google Analytics certified and work for One Partner Ltd as their digital marketing manager.

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