Your website is a key part of your business future. If it’s not appearing in Google’s first page of search results, your online success is unlikely.

The SEO Training detailed in these 10 Lessons have been broken into distinct chunks so that you can concentrate on a single aspect of Search Engine Optimisation at a time. Just like a fitness programme, you’ll have to be disciplined, do the work regularly, and be prepared to repeat over and over again during the life of your website.

Lesson 1.

Keyword Research – Build Your Case

  • Get Proof of Intent: Doing keyword research will help prove what people are actually searching for
  • Generate Quality Traffic: Implementing the right words means attracting people who are ready to do business
  • Build on Solid Foundations: Confirm your assumptions and actual volumes of keyword searches in Google

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Lesson 2.

Choosing a Domain Name – Establish Your Identity

  • Brand Match: When your brand is well known and is likely to be the main referring keyword
  • Keyword Match: When a large volume of searches is done for a specific commercial keyword phrase
  • Feature Match: A phrase associated with what you do, a feature of your company, products or services

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Lesson 3.

Page Title Element – Attract Attention

  • Introduction: Clearly informs Google searchers what your page is about and what to expect when visiting
  • Keyword Matched: Highlights your search result’s relevance to the keywords being used in Google
  • Summarises: Reads like a newspaper headline and can be skim-read and understood very easily

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Lesson 4.

The Meta Description – Influence People

  • Rendering: Ideal Meta Descriptions are ones that render in search more often than dynamic snippets
  • Benefit Statements: Succinctly state a benefit to the viewer for clicking through to your website
  • Call to Action: State what it is you want the search engine user to do: call, visit, shop etc

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Lesson 5.

Request URIs – Signal Relevance

  • Highlighting: Matching keywords in page URIs are highlighted in bold in Google search results
  • Subject Headline: Reinforce the relevance signals that the Page Title element provides in search
  • Gain Rank: Keyword matching page URIs provide an opportunity to gain rank more easily

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Lesson 6.

Writing Powerful Content – Engage People

  • Engagement: Quality content what gets people engaged and interested in what you have to say
  • Volume: Write more content on topics of interest than your rank competitors have written
  • Keywords: Content is your best opportunity to include referring keywords and phrases

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Lesson 7.

Internal Links – Guide Visitors

  • Emphasise Keywords: Anchor text in a link provides SEO strength to the page it refers to
  • Provide a logical path: The best internal links are ones that allow a visitor to find relevant info
  • Give Access: Provide many ways to find many pages and both visitors and Google will find them

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Lesson 8.

Building Backlinks – Connect and Grow

  • Pagerank: ‘Followed’ links allow Google to pass through rank credit from the source page
  • Traffic Flow: All backlinks can boost your traffic by allowing users to visit your site
  • Show Trust: A solid backlink profile can indicate to Google that your site is trusted

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Lesson 9.

Media Optimisation & Alts – Broaden Your Reach

  • Search Breadth: Extends your search impressions in Google for searches made for other types of content
  • Diverse Referrals: Search optimising media will aid in getting click-through for image or video searches
  • User Experience: Optimised images and videos for size, placement and content add to the user experience

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Lesson 10.

Search Engine Submissions – Launch

  • Launch: Submitting your site to search engines like Google will signal to them that your site exists
  • Targeting & Preferences: You can set targeting parameters and site settings that help you reach the right audience
  • Sitemaps: Providing search engines with a sitemap gives them a link to all pages, images and posts

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